By carefully listening to our customers needs,
and what they want to achieve, we can start thinking together collaboratively
towards making their ideas, into reality.
Below, are examples of our solutions.

Communication Planning

Now more than ever, in this age of instant information at your fingertips, users require a simple, quick and enjoyable method of communicating. By bringing out the knowledge of publishers, you can help expand the readers' knowledge. We can build communication strategies (using print and websites) that can deliver the knowledge, with the utmost thought and care.

Event Planning

The precious times when people meet face to face for the first time and get to know each other at events. Great moments can come from real world experiences. We help provide these opportunities ranging from total management to running administrations.

Local Innovation

Using regional knowledge and our harmonization, we can support you in creating new value through development of products. We can support your sales channel, revitalise your collaborative projects or provide other forms of support. 。

For mom work-sharing service「ShareS」

And mom with a full-time housewife away from the front line of work, Mom has been a U-turn can not find the job location for pregnancy birth, Such as the empty gap time mom who wants to take advantage in the work, Businesses that contribute to society by taking advantage of the skills of the mom.

Planning for Children & Families

A growing society is one where the family live enjoyable and comfortable lives. With less children being born in this country, the concept of "nurturing children is nurturing community" becomes more apparent. We aim to help in supporting activities for families to help cherish every precious moment.


Supporting you in license registration for your intellectual property and assets as well as effective utilisation and connection of foreign licenses. We are currently developing the business of licensing to maximize the Intellectual Property.


We provide consulting services for intellectual property examination, analysis, evaluation, management, and financial affairs. Operations and financial advice from the business operators perspective and effective utilisation of intellectual assets are available. We also cover re-examining how you are attracting customers, as well as general all purpose solutions.

Career consulting and staff service

We have established new company「Kanaderu Inc.」specialized in career consulting and staff service with License of government(Ministry of Health、 Labour and Welfare). We can develop each career taking into consideration person by person ability.